Mastering your Sustainable Supply Chain – Webinar

Apr 22, 2021

Join us for a brand new Ecometrica webinar exploring the way organizations are using satellite and other data to remotely monitor the sustainability of their supply chains.

From deforestation to water and climate risks, leading organizations are able to monitor vast global supply chains using the latest satellite data, climate models and other global data sets. Learn how Earth observation data has been used to reduce environmental compliance costs, assess and monitor supply chain risks from climate and drought, and inform climate aware procurement.

Hosted by: Bertrand Revenaz (Chief Product Officer)

Date: Thursday May 20th 2021: 3 – 4:00pm (GMT), 10 – 11:00am (EST)

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Helping companies to report scope 3 emissions

Helping companies to report scope 3 emissions

Increasingly, companies are coming to us to measure their scope 3 emissions. Scope 3 emissions are not straightforward to measure, but only when you include them as well as scope 1 and scope 2 in your carbon footprint, do you get a true measure of your carbon impact.