New Customer Announcement: ITV

Jan 12, 2021

Ecometrica is delighted to announce that it has signed up new customer ITV last month.

Entertaining millions of people and shaping culture, ITV is a leading media and entertainment company, creating, owning, and distributing high-quality content through various global platforms. As the largest commercial television network in the UK, ITV operates regional television services and shares programmes through its global production and distribution business. 

The organisation will start collecting and reporting its environmental footprint using Ecometrica’s Sustainability Reporting Platform across 118 offices, studios and production sites both in the UK and 31 countries globally. ITV had been using a more manual set-up to manage its data.

In 2019 ITV launched its inspiring ‘Social Purpose’ strategy, with core pillars being ‘Better Health’, ‘Diversity and Inclusion’, ‘Environment’ and ‘Giving Back. Within the ‘Environment’ pillar, ambitious targets were set to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2030, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with a 1.5 degree science based target, become a zero waste business, run a 100% sustainable supply chain and develop a sustainable culture, all by or before 2030.

For the new strategy to succeed it is imperative that carbon emissions and waste data can be reported regularly and accurately, to track progress against and meet set targets. This is true now more than ever with increased focus on climate action from the organisation’s investors, viewers and industry peers alike.

ITV set out to search for a web-based reporting tool that would make the data collection process more efficient and robust, with a clear audit trail, and so improve transparency of reported sustainability data.

A global environmental platform will enable ITV to capture actual, monthly, or quarterly environmental data from across the business in a way that requires fewer manual checks, reminders and spreadsheets in the process.

Following many discussions and a tendering process during summer of 2020, Ecometrica was selected as its vendor of choice to deliver on such requirements.

Ecometrica is an end-to-end environmental accounting and sustainability management technology company and brings together recognised experts in environmental and sustainability accounting. Its software supports all aspects of sustainability planning, operations and reporting.

It prides itself for demonstratable, deep understanding of climate science, and the expertise within the organization underpins the products and services Ecometrica delivers today.

The Ecometrica Platform is supported by a dedicated sustainability analyst providing support for ITV in reporting its environmental impacts.

If you’d like to see how we can support you in data collection, reporting and qualitative responses, please get in touch to book a free consultation. 

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