Ecometrica, CDP Release Climate Change Software Guide

Feb 4, 2015

Using advanced software tools to enhance data quality and tackle climate change challenges

Ecometrica, in collaboration with CDP and two other partners, has launched a software roadmap to help companies to make smart purchases for better sustainability reporting. The guide provides helpful advice for organisations at every level, from a new or non-responder to an experienced climate change reporting company who is seeking to achieve best practice.

Managing Information for Climate Reporting, a white paper, comes as companies face heightened pressure from customers, investors and regulators for greater transparency.

Mandatory reporting of greenhouse gas emissions is already a reality in several countries and the report aims to share best practice and offer practical guidance. Its roadmap allows current practices to be benchmarked — providing an indication of the sophistication of a company’s data collection and reporting, which aims to help firms better manage and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions.

You can download the full roadmap guide for free by using the link below.

[download id=”107″ format=3]

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Helping companies to report scope 3 emissions

Helping companies to report scope 3 emissions

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