Catering for Sustainability: Compass Group, Ecometrica & CDP Webinar

Dec 3, 2014

On 25th November 2014, Ecometrica took part in a webinar, alongside Compass Group, hosted by the CDP entitled, “Catering for Sustainability”. The full recording is available at the bottom of this page and the slides can be downloaded here.

The webinar introduces Compass Group’s approach to sustainability reporting and reveals how their requirements and aspirations have grown in recent years. We also outline Compass Group’s reporting journey, from implementing a fresh approach to capturing inventory data, as well as the reasoning behind selecting Ecometrica’s Ecometrica Sustainability sustainability management software and the business case for sustainability.

The webinar goes on to illustrate how Compass Group’s use of Ecometrica Sustainability, an accredited CDP Gold Software service, has helped to improve the quality and quantity of collected data; the ease and effectiveness of reporting to the UK’s Mandatory Carbon Reporting legislation using Ecometrica Sustainability; the responses to customer requests for carbon emissions data; and the Group’s submission to the CDP’s climate change programme.

Compass Group PLC ( is one of the world’s largest outsource catering companies, operating in around 50 countries with more than 500,000 employees.

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