Environmental and Climate Risk Monitoring

Analyze and monitor your global portfolio of commodities, assets, suppliers, sourcing regions and competitors 

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Global Scale Situational Awareness

Location is Everything

View all your assets, suppliers, critical areas and even your competitors (your sites) on a single engaging interface. Filter and search your areas, see them in context by turning on relevant data layers and see how that context has evolved using movie like time series maps. 

Simply provide the areas you are interested in monitoring; you can provide them in several data formats. Not sure where all the relevant areas are? We can help with approximations and estimations.

Features that enable this

  • Support for polygon and point data
  • Area filter
  • Area search
  • Builtin display layers
  • Builtin time-series layers

Answers from Data

Clear, concise, actionable answers to questions such as: 

  • Which suppliers are not in compliance with local standards?
  • Which of my facilities will be at increased risk of flooding in 20 years?
  • Many more leveraging our extensive library of indicators.

Obtain a detailed report with engaging charts and insights for each asset, supplier or critical area.

Analyze the resulting insights across your portfolio using the built-in business intelligence solution. Define complex criteria and thresholds to isolate specific assets that require ongoing monitoring.

Features that enable this

  • Cloud scale geospatial query engine
  • Ecometrica Raster Query Language
  • Business Intelligence

Ongoing Monitoring

Automated data updates means you'll know as soon as an indicator changes. See drought conditions as they evolve, anticipate which suppliers that are likely to struggle with delivery. Identify and report on deforestation in near realtime. 

Analyze your current supply chain's risk posture and forecast how it will develop with a changing climate. Inform decision making on supplier selection to manage risk.

Features that enable this

  • Automated Satellite Data Ingestion
  • Raster time series engine

Mission Control

Continually monitor your supply chain, assets, critical areas and competitors using interactive "mission-control" style dashboards. Break free from annual reporting lifecycle, manage the environmental performance and climate resilience of your supply chain on continuous realtime basis.

Share with colleagues and stakeholders at the click of a button—export insights to excel for further analysis. Use the well-documented API to integrate the provided insights into existing management systems. 

Features that enable this

  • Dashboards
  • Excel Export
  • API
Supply Chain Monitoring

SIMPLE AND Powerful Environmental and CLimate RISK MOnitoring

Analyze and monitor your global portfolio of assets, suppliers and regions of interest using interactive dashboards. Identify under-performing assets, suppliers failing to meet standards and screen potential suppliers for environmental and climate risks. Achieve complete situational awareness of water, deforestation, biodiversity and climate risks and opportunities.


Environmental RISK Profiler

Obtain a high level overview of the deforestation risk, biodiversity status and water risk in your global supply chain. Determine the share of your supply chain operating in areas with a high deforestation risk and areas of high biodiversity value. Identify assets or markets located in areas at high risk of present and future water shortages.


A complete forest monitoring solution for your supply chain. For each asset or sourcing area monitor the historical deforestation, deforestation risk, and restoration. Enable near-realtime monitoring of deforestation to continually monitor supplier and sourcing areas for compliance. Analyze the overall forest risk across your global supply chain.


Understand the past, present, and future water risk across your supply chain. Understand baseline water risk and water availability. Quantify future water risks based on climate prediction of rainfall changes in 30 and 70 years and population predictions. React quickly with current drought conditions across your  supply chain. Make informed decision about potential suppliers water risk.

climate risk profiler

Complex global climate model projection data for physical risks such as water shortages, storms, flooding, sea-level rise and wildfires distilled into clear actionable insights. Make informed decisions to improve the resilience of your asset portfolio and supply chain. Explore the risk profiles of potential future assets, suppliers or sourcing regions.

Looking for a bespoke solution?

If you’re looking for something different, or simply have a question about anything you’ve seen, we can help tailor a solution to your needs and requirements. Speak to an analyst for more information.

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Helping companies to report scope 3 emissions

Helping companies to report scope 3 emissions

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